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Office Hours

The office is open Tuesday - Friday 8am-4 and Saturday 9am -2pm.

Stop in and say hello!  PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE TO UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION.  You will be notified via email with urgent messages regarding your building.

About Harbor East

Harbor East is located on sixty-two wooded acres on beautiful Lake Ouachita, a 49,000-acre pristine wilderness mountain lake located twenty-six miles west of Hot Springs National Park. There are currently one hundred eighty-eight (188) condominiums nestled in natural forested surroundings. Amenities include four (4) tennis courts and two (2) swimming pools including a lovely family pavilion for family and friend gatherings.


Ownership of property within the Harbor East Horizontal Property Regime makes a person a Member of the Property Owners Association. The POA office is located near the front entrance of Harbor East. Members are encouraged to call or stop by with any concerns, questions or suggestions.